Matt Hontz, a native Lehigh Valley resident and graduate of Lafayette College, founded Digilog Recording Services in 2002. His recording experience dates back to his early childhood using a 1970s Akai reel-to-reel tape recorder and a pair of Shure dynamic microphones. He honed his critical ear using his father’s pair of first-generation Bose 901 speakers and remains passionate about high quality recordings and sound reproduction.

Matt was actively involved in live sound reinforcement from the time he was in second grade, when he ran the sound system for his elementary school’s production of Mary Lou and the Magic Kazoo. In middle school and high school, he gained experience recording all kinds of musical acts using a wide array of techniques and microphones. He also studied theatrical sound design and lighting and served as tech crew chief. The sound system he redesigned, expanded, and improved during his high school tenure is still in use today.

As demand for his abilities increased, he founded Digilog in 2002 while attending Lafayette College. That same year, he began recording Lafayette’s male, female, and mixed a cappella groups and continues to do so today.

While Matt was studying mechanical engineering, he was a member of the Concert Choir and toured Europe during the winter of 2003. He also served as an executive board member of the Lafayette Activities Forum, where he was responsible for bringing musical acts to campus, and ran live sound for many of these performers. Matt graduated in 2005 summa cum laude with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. His honors thesis, “Control Systems for Pipe Organs” explores the application of closed-loop analog control systems to improve response of electronic valves used in pipe organs.

In addition to his technical pursuits, music has always been a part of Matt’s life. He began studying piano at age five and later moved to organ at age thirteen. Combining his mechanical and musical abilities, he began building a pipe organ in his parents’ basement when he was thirteen and currently has a 17-rank pipe organ installed in his home. He is an active church organist and has substituted at many churches throughout the Lehigh Valley and New Jersey. He is also the interim organist at Salem Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.